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LATTE MOCHA - This Coffeeish tea is a great way to soothe coffee cravings (without the caffeine) so you can sleep like a baby at night :)

This will remind you of velvety smooth choc blended with a hint of coffee tones! A definite crowd pleaser if you love your chocolates. Tastes naughty but is actually really good for your insides so double win!


Great as a warm winter soother or mocha iced tea! 


Benifits -

  •  100% Caffeine Free
  •  Prebiotics for gut health
  •  Helps with digestion and bloating
  • Vegan.


Brewing suggestions -

Step 1: Scoop 1 heaped tablespoon Lattea Mocha into your strainer. 

Step 2: Pour boiling water into your cup and steep for 5 mins 

Step 3: Pour a dash of milk/soy/nut mylk to your Lattea brew (optional)

Step 4: Drink, enjoy!


INGREDIENTS - Organic chicory root, dandelion root, barley, burdock root, ginger, cacao nibs.


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