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Lattea Coffee Tea: The Healthiest Coffee Alternative!

Coffee's great—but our health doesn't always agree with it. If you're looking to quit coffee (or reduce your coffee intake), we've got the best coffee substitute that will change your life!


Our Lattea Coffee Tea is a 100% caffeine-free and herbal coffee that has its own unique taste with hints of coffee tones. Other than its enjoyable taste, you will also experience a lot of health benefits from drinking it. It's one of the best coffee alternatives on the market! 

Many of our customers who have tried chicory coffee or dandelion coffee were blown away by our version of coffee substitute. It has been described as more"coffee-like, robust, full-bodied and rich in flavour".

You can drink it day or night, whenever you need to. It's considered a "healthy coffee substitute" that will wake your taste buds and be a part of your new morning ritual!


Benifits - 

  • Helps improves digestion
  • Helps with bloating
  • It is a prebiotic drink so it promotes good bacteria in your gut
  • It helps you sleep better (without the existence of caffeine)
  • Caffine free.
  • Australian made.
  • Vegan.


Serves - 50 serves per pouch.


Brewing suggestions

Scoop 1 tbspn of Lattea coffee alternative tea into your cup. Pour boiling water into your cup and let it steep for 5 minutes (depending on strength). (Optional) Pour a dash of soy or nut milk into your Lattea herbal coffee brew. You can sip directly from your tea infuser straw or use a Bodhi leaf tea strainer. 


INGREDIENTS - What is Lattea Coffee Tea made of? It's a healthy combination of organic roasted dandelion, chicory & barley, burdock root & ginger. These ingredients are also the ones that give our drink that desirable taste and aroma that will somehow remind you of brewed coffee.



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